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Welcome to Mrs. Mitchell's  Religion & History Classes !

  Grade 6 Homeroom & NJHS Advisor   


Tutoring Day:  Wednesday 2:10-2:40 pm 

 There will be no tutoring offered on Mondays due to PLC meetings we will have after school.  


Conferences Wednesday 23rd & Thursday 24th 

NJHS News....NO Study Buddies Wednesday 1/23  Study Buddies Wednesday 1/30                                                                                               Meeting Thursday 1/31

Daily Mass Schedule 

Grade 6----Tuesdays 8 am (Not the day of Monthly School Mass)

Grade 7--Thursdays 8 am

Grade 8----Wednesdays 8 am (Not on Early Dismissal Days)



The $100 Race Video we watched in class.


Grade 6:  Complete Ch 12 & the Assessment SOAP Journal 

Grade 7: Ch 10 Assessment SOAP Journal Begin Ch 11 Will God always be there for me?   To know that Jesus prepares his disciples for all that is to come.  To know that Jesus tells his disciples he will always be with them.

 Grade 8: Ch 10 Assessment SOAP Journal Begin Ch 11 How do I respond in times of crisis?  To know that the faith of the Church is shaken by the Black Death.  To know that the Church faces setbacks in the understanding of the Catholic faith. To know that the Church’s leadership suffers as a result of the Great Schism of the West.  To know that the Renaissance and humanism influence the life of the Church.


Grade 6: Play China Board Games Begin Ch 10 Greece To learn how the geography helped shape Greek life and culture.  To know that the basic political unit of Greece is the city state.  To know that Greek society was divided according to wealth and status.  To learn that women had clear roles and few rights  

Grade 7 Topic 4.1-4.3 Assessment 

Grade 8: Topic 11.1-11.3 Assessment 


Grade 7 & Grade 8-- To look at food, population, resources, around the world through maps