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Welcome to Art Grades Pre-K through 8!

I am very excited to be your art teacher and I'm looking forward to doing more terrific art together.  Students are doing a great job learning and advancing in art. 



Please provide a very big old t-shirt as an art smock.  Please mark it with the name of your child.  Please continue to keep this in the backpack inside of a plastic bag with your child's name on it throughout the year.

Students have been asked to request a visit to a fine art museum. This could be one of the local ones listed on the website, or one in a city at which you are planning to visit.   There are passes available at your local library for discounts, and many museums have days or times  that are free.
Please let your art teacher know which museums you visited, and consider bringing back materials to share with the class. 

Please consider reviewing the art website links and telling me which one you enjoyed the most.

If you do art work at home, please also consider bringing it in to share with the art class.

Suggested Supplies for art box/bin:

Dollar store:

graphite pencils (basic ordinary pencils, No.2 or otherwise)

hand held manual pencil sharpeners


color pencils

Color markers - 16 to 20 colors - preferably washable (for the convenience of the parent)

Watercolor paints

Glue sticks or Glue

Anything florescent - paint, color pencil, washable markers, crayon  etc.

Note: No parent need go to an art specialty store, but if they do, they may want to consider requesting student grade materials, or let the sales clerk know the age of the student.

Suggested donations to art class, marked ART:
Paper Towels for art class

Disposable wet wipes (there is no running water sink in the art room)


Note: Throughout the year, parents may be asked to bring in recycled items such as tissue boxes, shoe boxes, jars or paper towel rolls.


If you ever have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me. I can be reached at or by phone at the school number 860.568.4100.